Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Unionists will never accept Scottish independence

It's becoming increasingly clear that Unionism is not prepared to accept Scottish democracy.

Already, we have witnessed the quite despicable events of the British régime's attempts to usurp the democratically-elected Scottish government by dictating to the people of Scotland not only which questions they will permit us to answer, but when we will do so.

The régime is trying to bully and cow Scotland into voting "no" - the British finance minister even threatening that we will be prohibited from using both our currency (the Pound Sterling) and our central bank.

We will be hearing more and more of these fairy stories as we approach the referendum. But recently, a new, sinister narrative has started to emerge: the premise being that Scotland, as a nation, does not get to decide our constitutional future.

The British are utterly determined to keep the flow of subsidies flowing south as fast as ever, and to continue pocketing our national wealth (the profits from Scottish oil pays for the British to have three million unemployed). The call from John Taylor to partition Scotland, retaining the richer parts for the UK, is floating a balloon at the moment.

As the Unionist Alliance of Labour, Tory and Liberal continues to collapse, and continues to lose the debate on independence spectacularly, one can expect this call to intensify. Simon Heffer, the aptly-named polemicist of the Daily Mail, has questioned Shetland's position in an independent Scotland, floating the idea that it may be a dependency of England (and, at a stroke, keeping Scottish oil money flowing south).

There is no popular movement in any part of Scotland to be anything other than part of Scotland. It is baffling that the likes of Taylor and Heffer are suggesting this idea. One a Lord, one a High Priest of the Conservative movement. You imagine this idea of partition hasn't suddenly germinated from nowhere.

When Scotland voted "yes" to Home Rule, the Labour government changed the rules and told us we couldn't have it.

When Scotland voted - overwhelmingly - for a pro-Independence Parliament (72/128 MSPs are pro-Independence), the first reaction of the British parties was to demand that the rules be changed to prevent it happening again.

When the Scottish Government announced it would be holding a referendum on Independence, the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties stood shoulder-to-shoulder to bully it into submission.

The British have never, ever accepted that Scotland's people have the right to choose Scotland's future.

A "yes" vote in the referendum isn't going to change that. That the people will vote for Independence is now more likely than ever before: but that positive step will be nothing more than the beginning of the battle. The dirty tricks, bullying, dissembling, intimidation and outright thuggery will start when the Scottish and British governments begin negotiations.

The British have no intention of having, on their own border, a rich, fair, socially-democratic nation for all their people to see. Questions would be asked. People would get angry. And the British establishment would be finished - which is the real, fundamental reason why the Establishment is so implacably opposed to Scottish people controlling Scotland's affairs.

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