Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The First Parliamentary Attempt By Unionists to Partition Scotland

Last week, I predicted that the British would use every trick at their disposal to maintain the southern flow of subsidies, and suggested that John Taylor's call to Partition Scotland was not merely the murmurings of a madman, but the deliberate floating of a balloon to gauge reaction to the prospect of Partition.

In Hansard today, it was made quite clear that the British have no interest at all in allowing the people of Scotland to decide the constitutional direction of Scotland, and no interest in allowing democracy to prevail. The British State and its establishment, in the form of the affront to democracy which is the House of Lords, and in the person of the despicable Malcolm Sinclair, who has generously taken time out from driving wives to suicide to undermine the democracy of Scotland, is now busily engaged in an attempt to strip away all of the rights of Scotland as a nation.

Malcolm Sinclair

That a former British government minister, a member of the governing coalition, is now attempting to amend the Scotland Bill to ensure that Britain retains Scottish territory - and Scottish oil - at the expense of Scotland post-independence, shows that Partition is a plan from the top. The British have no interest in allowing Scotland to govern itself. They have no interest in allowing the subsidy flow south to cease, and will do all in their power and much outside their power to prevent it.

The Scottish Government, I am certain, will be clear on this issue.

The Scottish nation will take national decisions, as a nation. If Scotland votes in favour of returning powers to Scotland as we did in 1979 and 1997, then those powers will be returned as a nation. Orkney and Shetland are universally recognised as part of Scotland, and return Members to the Scottish Parliament. By including these constituencies under the aegis of Holyrood, the British government has confirmed this.

In the case of Rockall, the position is absolutely clear. The island is part of either Inverness-shire or Ireland. There is international agreement - including the British government - that it is part of the former. There is no geographical, legal or moral case for this island or any other territory of Scotland to remain part of Britain after independence.

The British policy of divide and conquer, Partition, has caused misery, violence and failure across the world.

Scotland must stand strong against the aggressive behaviour of the British, and the British need to realise that the territory of Scotland is not fixed by legislation of the British parliament, any more than is the territory of any other country.

One last thing: this is an attempt to deprive the people of Scotland of the territory of Scotland, the assets of Scotland, and the riches of Scotland.

It is an example of the outright anti-Scottishness which does exist in a large part of the Dependentist Movement.

This isn't anti-Independence. It's blatant and bitterly anti-Scottish.

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  1. They have been planning this since the early 1970s - they are pigs

    Brit nats have been rejected the world over - time we did the same.