Saturday, 1 November 2014

It's all about talent

There's some debate about whether the present crisis engulfing the Labour Party in Scotland is a product of a lack of political talent in the serried ranks of red Tories. 

Labour say this is nonsense, that their production line of charm and intelligence has never yet failed them: why, just look at James Kelly!

I would shy from offering an opinion on the matter, but would perhaps find it instructive to reflect on Labour's first Holyrood frontbench and last month's one. Some positions have changed names and responsibilities, for example, 'Children and Education' is now 'Education'. Other positions were filled by Liberal Democrats in 1999.

Leader of the Labour group:
Then Donald Dewar
Now Johann Lamont

Then n/a
Now Graeme Pearson

Then Sam Galbraith
Now Daily Mail columnist Kezia Dugdale

Local Government:
Then Wendy Alexander
Now Sarah Boyack

Enterprise and Lifelong Learning:
Then Henry McLeish
Now Daily Mail columnist Kezia Dugdale

Then Jack McConnell
Now Iain Gray

Then Susan Deacon
Now Neil Findlay

Chief Whip:
Then Tom McCabe
Now Lewis MacDonald

Rural Affairs:
Then n/a
Now Claire Baker

Then Sarah Boyack
Now James Kelly

Is there a single position in which they are stronger now than they were then, and I include the positions which were vacant then in my question?

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