Thursday, 13 June 2013

Exclusive: BetterTogether lied about HQ "sabotage"

On the 15th of April, the Tory-led BetterTogether campaign produced a blog post of such manifestly paranoid hysteria that it led to the campaign becoming a laughing stock. 

Utilising the tactics of smear that the Dependentist campaign has become renowned for, it read suspiciously like a list of things that the No side wished would happen to them - so they could complain about it - rather than things which actually occurred. 

In what was a paroxysmic crie de coeur which seemed as though it had been written by a twelve year old child with a petted lip, "the Nationalists" (sic) were variously accused of:

  • Co-ordinating a "dirty tricks campaign"
  • Making allegations against Ian Taylor. 
  • Boycotting BetterTogether supporters
  • Sending hate mail to BetterTogether supporters
  • Attacking BetterTogether supporters
  • Attacking the Scotsman newspaper building
  • Intimidating businesses
  • Disrupting BetterTogether events 
  • Attempting to sabotage BetterTogether HQ "almost daily.

I didn't find it particularly strange that the anti-Scotland campaign, in line with every announcement that they make, refused to provide a single shred of evidence for any of these "dirty tricks". However, I did find it interesting that they automatically assumed that the vandals who sprayed "traitors" on the Scotsman building were supporters of independence... (my own take on this is that it is likely to have been the same motivation as the BetterTogether-supporting English Defence League people who sprayed the word "Islam" on a war memorial in order to spark a backlash against Muslims in the wake of the incident in Woolwich)

Notwithstanding the above, I considered it rather unusual that I would not have heard of any of these "almost daily" vandal attacks on BetterTogether's "headquarters" in Blythswood Square, Glasgow. Surely these despicable attacks would have been bread and butter for a media which falls over itself to report the mildest criticism of Unionist campaigners as Cybernat "hate and bigotry", and often goes to the extent of "reporting" such abuse even when there is no evidence of it ever occurring. 

My bullshit radar pinging like a broken elastic band, I decided to find out more. I sent the following Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland

Has there been any complaint received by the Police from the "Better Together" campaign regarding sabotage, attacks or vandalism at its address in 5 Blythswood Square, Glasgow, G2 4AD since June 1st, 2012?

and this afternoon received my reply. 

I was saddened to discover that the allegation of sabotage was a complete fabrication by BetterTogether

Police Scotland informed me that not only had there been no complaint of any criminal damage made relating to either BetterTogether itself or the building in which it is based, but neither had there even been any informal observations made to the Police about attempted vandalism or sabotage, or even suspicious behaviour. 

Alex Salmond was not hanging around the BetterTogether offices with a half brick in his hand waiting for David Cameron to pop down to the Variety Bar for a lunchtime pint so that he could smash the toilet window. 

BetterTogether have been caught out in an outright falsehood, the only conceivable purpose of which could be to smear the pro-Scotland campaign and its supporters and members. 

This is a co-ordinated dirty-tricks campaign by the Unionists. They should stop it.


  1. Good stuff! You should write up the bit about alleged vandalism at their HQ and the police reply for Newsnet, Tommy.

  2. Good investigative journalism Tommy, would be great if you get more publicity for this.

  3. Suits you on this occasion to believe the Police? Funny that, so often the Police are branded as inveterate liars, can't tell the truth, in their genes you know, etc etc. Total pish! Talking of liars, ever got a straight answer from any politician from ANY party? Let me know please, so I can cast my vote with more confidence.

  4. Well done Tommy :)I don't think even the police would go as far as lying about an FOI request somehow....

  5. "Suits you on this occasion to believe the Police? Funny that, so often the Police are branded as inveterate liars, can't tell the truth, in their genes you know, etc etc. "

    Well thats bizarre.
    the police being an organ of the state, if anything will default to the no position so if they have nothing to report, its because nothing was reported to them ,bit of a stretch to imagine they're not telling the truth when it would suit the establishments agenda for them to come up with validation of the better no campaign spurious allegations, dont you think?