Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Independence saves the Social Chapter and stops separation

It now looks certain that the British regime is to publish a Bill for a referendum which will give the people of south-east England the right to remove Scotland from the European Union against our will. 

Opinion polls seem to suggest that should a referendum be held on leaving the European Union, British voters would vote to leave whilst Scottish voters would choose to remain. 

The hatemongering by the British press over the European Union is the main factor why the British people would choose, incorrectly, to leave the EU whilst countries throughout Europe are clamouring to join. 

Indeed, the British press - in a development which will come as little surprise to us in Scotland - is so dishonestly engaged in whipping up falsehoods and scare stories about the EU that the Commission has an entire department dedicated to rebutting its lies.

The British press is an inherently racist operation. A quick look at circulation figures show that The Sun is the best-selling newspaper in the UK. The Sun is a newspaper which has a hatred, fear and contempt of foreigners barely matched even by Johann Lamont. For instance, Europeans do not seem to exist as human beings in the world of The Sun - rather, they are divided into "Frogs", "Krauts", "Huns" and so on. On one notorious occasion, it published a front-page headline, "Swan Bake", which accused "asylum seekers" of "killing swans and eating them". 

It's the sort of mad, paranoid, anti-foreigner rant more worthy of the Labour Party in Scotland than a serious newspaper.

There are between 2½ and three million copies of The Sun sold each day: a conservative estimate would that it is read by around four million electors: most of whom, one would guess, trust the anti-EU lies of the newspaper and would vote accordingly at any EU referendum. The Scottish Sun accounts for around 300.000 of these. 

The second largest selling newspaper in the UK is the ultra-right wing Daily Mail, a sort of  slightly watered down version of Der Stürmer which once backed the British Union of Fascists, led by former Labour government minister Oswald Mosley; and which now backs Ukip, the right wing of the Conservative Party, and the BetterTogether campaign. 91% of the Mail's readership votes for BetterTogether constituent parties.

The Mail is staunchly anti-European, almost to the point of hilarity at times, although it did support a certain prominent Austrian, with the editorial stance that 
The minor misdeeds of individual Nazis would be submerged by the immense benefits the new regime is already bestowing upon Germany
The Mail was also pro-European in another sense in that it, like kid-on Labour soldier boy Jim Murphy and the Scottish Conservative Party, supported the fascist Apartheid régime in South Africa. 

The combined readership of the Mail and Sun in England alone outweighs the entire Scottish electorate. As I mention above, it can be reasonably argued that the vast bulk of their readership would support withdrawal.

This means that while Scotland - according to every opinion poll on the issue ever undertaken - will vote to remain in Europe, the readership of the Mail and the Sun alone renders our opinion worthless. 

The Conservative Party, which introduced the most extreme anti-Trade Union legislation ever to exist in the United Kingdom, and the Labour Party, which in its thirteen years in Government reversed not a single one of them, would be very pleased to be free of the restraints of the European Union. 

They have already secured an opt-out from the Working Time Directive, meaning that Scots have to work longer hours, with fewer holidays, than our fellow EU workers. 

Withdrawal from the EU would allow whichever centre-right party is operating the British régime to be liberated from the Social Chapter which protects the promotion of employment, improving living and working conditions, proper social protection, dialogue between management and worker, the development of human resources with the aim of providing full employment, and the combating of exclusion in the workforce. 

The third of those - social protection - is particularly interesting. A withdrawal from the Social Chapter would allow a future Conservative government to refuse to fund labour market interventions, social insurance and social assistance. 

They are already Hell-bent on wrecking the social security system, and a withdrawal from  the EU and its Social Chapter would allow it the legal right to completely abolish all social security. 

The Scottish people, which have voted overwhelmingly for socialist and social-democratic parties, know this and do not wish to leave the European Union. 

But we know that the demographics of the United Kingdom are against us. The only way to avoid Scotland being separated from our European friends and colleagues and being dragged out of a European Union we need and support by the serried ranks of Mail and Sun readers in the south-east of England is for us to be an independent country. 

Only independence can guarantee Scotland's place in the European Union.

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