Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Better Together's Rightist Inspirations

I blogged a couple of days ago on the National Collective's revelations that fully half of the anti-Scotland campaign's funding came from the sponsor of "Arkan", a criminal terrorist warlord who was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and is most notable for the massacre of three hundred hospital inmates in an act of racist violence. 

The National Collective website, following threats from Better Together and an injunction served by Ian Taylor's lawyers, Collyer Bristow, has been forced to close. Another pro-democracy website, Wings Over Scotland, was also sent a threatening letter, as was the anti-independence Glasgow Herald newspaper, which is as yet the only mainstream media outlet to publish the brewing scandal. 

The systematic agenda is clear. Whilst the proven and admitted allegations against Vitol are freely available on the business pages of British newspapers, the anti-Scotland Better Together campaign cannot allow them to get into the Scottish public domain. They will do all in their power to ensure that the people of Scotland are not allowed to be aware of the bloodsoaked source of the anti-Scotland campaign's money. 

Better Together is a campaign based on hate and fear. It is no surprise that it has captured the support of such progressive luminaries as the British National Party and the fascist Orange Order. 

Their defence is that their deals with Arkan "were legal at the time"! Of course they were legal: it was a country dominated by President Milošević, who wrote the laws to say what he wanted them to. This is actually the equivalent of saying "well, yes, we used slave labour in Poland in 1941, but it was perfectly legal at the time".

3 extreme right-wingers - 1 tactic
President Milošević is the European poster boy for the Unionists. 

Just as the Tories campaigned for a reversal of devolution in Scotland, so did Milošević campaign for a reversal of devolution for Kosovo and Metohija, and Vojvodina (Serbia, like Britain, is composed of three self-governing territories. For England, Scotland and Wales, read Central Serbia, Vojvodina, and Kosovo and Metohija).

As the Socialist Republic of Croatia and the Socialist Republic of Slovenia moved towards independence, Milošević claimed that this was only out of "spreading fear of Serbia". Compare this to Ian Davidson and his repeated, empty assertions that those who desire independence do so only out of some sort of ephemeral "hatred of the English".

In Slovenia, an independence referendum was held. Milošević opposed it ever being held. Compare this to the united platform of Labour, the Tories and the Liberals, who stood in the 2011 General Election on a "No Referendum. Not now; not ever" manifesto.

When Bosnia and Herzegovina spoke of independence, Milošević and his leadership immediately began to speak of partition of the country. Compare this to Tavish Scott  and his newly-found support for partition. 

The Unionist tactics are clear.

They tried to block self-government. They claim that anyone who desires independence is inherently racist (even though there's nobody in the independence movement who went to a school from which non-white children were banned, is there, Jim Murphy?). They fight against a referendum ever being held. 

They know they will lose because they represent the forces of reaction against the forces of progress. They lost, and they know it, the minute the Referendum Bill was published.

Now, they follow another right-wing nationalist leader, Ian Smith, in spoiler tactics. He censored the Salisbury Herald. They have already tried to silence The Herald. They've threatened YouTube into removing pro-independence film. They have succeeded in keeping their links to "Arkan" silent by shutting down one website and trying to close another. 

Ian Smith, when forced into a referendum, tried to have the electoral franchise based on race. Better Together have campaigned for the same thing in Scotland.

They don't need - or even particularly want - their writs to be successful. They want them to be delaying tactics. Preferably their injunctions won't be heard until September 2014, but as long as they can keep the media scared of reporting their terrorist links until the story becomes an old one, they're happy. 

They fought with every fibre of their being to prevent a referendum. They've taken bloodstained money from "Arkan"'s sponsor - a man who does not even have a vote in this country - to attempt to steal the referendum. And they're now trying to censor the truth, for they know it deals a death blow to their anti-Scotland campaign

They try to deflect from their terrorist, war criminal dollars by accusing pro-Scotland campaigners of "smears"; their meetings being "disrupted by militant nationalists"; of our attacking their newspaper offices; of "almost daily acts of sabotage against our campaign HQ". 

It would be no surprise, given their paranoia, their hate, their inspiration from some of the most oppressive nationalistic leaders the world has seen, if they were to take inspiration from the ultimate in right-wing nationalism, set fire to Holyrood tomorrow and try and blame it on the pro-Scotland campaign. 

They have been exposed for what they are. An extreme right-wing campaign which uses extreme right-wing tactics inspired by extremist nationalists. In a week in which the anti-Scotland campaign described the hated Bedroom Tax as "right and popular", and lionised the hated dictator Thatcher, they have been exposed as grubby, reactionary forces. 

It will be a pleasure to look on their faces as we take their country away from them.

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