Sunday, 20 January 2013

A New, Horrible Low for Labour in Scotland

They haven't got a terribly high starting point. 

If they're not abusing womenstealing public money or cheating the disabled, it seems that Labour politicians in Scotland spend their time busily engaged in violent assault (I had a fair few people to link to here!).

But tonight's behaviour, by senior Labour Party activist Ian Smart, takes some beating.

Smart, who writes for racist extremist Tom Harris' Labour Hame blog and the Unionist Herald newspaper, is a former President of the Law Society. And a serial candidate for the Scottish Parliament.

His mutterings since the historic SNP landslide victory have increasingly become deranged, shrill hysteria, throwing quite astonishing allegations and slurs around. 

Tonight, he hit a new low. At least four people have been killed in a natural disaster in Bidean nam Bian today, in what remains a developing story. 

The First Minister, Alex Salmond, expressed his sadness to the England and Wales TV station, ITVsaying

This is an appalling tragedy and our immediate thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have been lost. 
To lose four people from a party of six is truly devastating.  
The Scottish Government will provide any support that we can and I would like to thank the police and mountain rescue teams for their efforts in these difficult circumstances. 

Comforting the families of those who perished, and thanking those who assisted in the rescue and recovery effort, is right, and is proper. 

Scotland is in mourning tonight for those who have been killed, and it is entirely appropriate that our First Minister expresses our sentiments. 

Astonishingly, however, Smart did not feel this to be appropriate. Launching into a hate-filled attack on the First Minister, he sent a series of bilious messages on the Twitter blogging website, claiming that the First Minister was "only trying to get his name in the papers".

This is wicked behaviour, an attitude conceived in fear and blind panic; and is the product of a black, evil heart, which holds neither humanity, nor compassion, but only hate.

People like Smart aren't gutter people. They need a promotion to the gutter. The hate in their hearts sees them scuttling around the dark shadows of the sewers. 

It is despicable, it is evil, and it is terrifying characteristic of the depths to which the Unionists have sunk, that they gorge themselves in an orgy of joy at a natural disaster.

Those who died in the avalanche today were trying to achieve something wonderful. People like Smart are engaged in trying to tear down good things.

God have mercy on the souls of those who were killed today. And God have mercy on the hearts of those who are so filled with hate that they don't have in themselves even the slightest decency.

Today, we saw in Bulgaria, the horrifying spectacle of a party leader, who had been subjected to sustained, constant personal attacks by elected politicians of all other parties, subjected to an assassination attempt by a young man who had been driven mad by the hate he had been daily told was right. 

Only the misfiring of the would-be assassin's gun saved Ahmet Dogan from ending his day comfortably ensconced in a polished wooden box with brass handles. 

The Labour Party's Shadow Scottish Secretary, Margaret Curran, once said that if someone assassinated Alex Salmond, she wouldn't even bother to ask who did the deed.

The hatred, the deliberate whipping-up of an atmosphere of hysterical defilement against one particular politician has today led to the end of Ian Smart's career in public life. 

Let us hope that both events: the reaction to the tragedy in the north, and the narrowly-averted assassination of Dr Dogan, lead the Labour Party in Scotland to abandon their personalised hate campaign against Salmond. 

In a country where nutters can be whipped up into such a rage that they send letter bombs to soccer managers, lawyers and politicians, Labour must stop and think what their hate campaign may lead to. 

Smart's membership of the Labour Party and his chance of a career in public life is the first casualty. 

Let us hope that Labour moderate their behaviour and ensure there are no others. 

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  1. Tommy

    Not entirely sure that Stair Heid said that exactly about AS.

    As I remember it, she said words to effect of falling under a bus although I cannot find the verbatim quotation.

    However re NotsoSmart; is he trying to outdo the BNP in the moves Labour are going to making to lurch right to follow the Tories in their quest to secure the SE of England