Monday, 18 June 2012

The SNP has to weed out the bigots

I have this afternoon sent the following letter to the SNP regarding failed prospective candidate, and a man who is utterly despised in his branch, Jorg Herr:

I should like to refer to the following Article of membership:

6 Every member has a responsibility not to discriminate in his or her conduct on the grounds of race, colour, gender, religious belief or non-belief or sexual orientation.

In SNP member, Herr Herr's, blog, he continually refers in a pejorative sense to "Muslim MSP" Humza Yousaf (he does not refer to any other MSP by race or faith) and also to "corrupt foreigner" Anton Muscatelli, Principal of Glasgow University. 

Mr Muscatelli is a British citizen, resident in Scotland. He is not a "foreigner" in any way other than in race, which Herr Herr seems to focus on. 

Herr Herr's blog, which also contains attacks on the parents of Madelaine McCann, is openly racist. This can be seen in his attacks on the only other Asian SNP candidate, Osama Saeed. 

He carefully focusses on Asians for his abuse, and those he deems to be "foreign" 

It reflects badly on the SNP that he remains a member, particularly given his homophobic views also. 

It reflect poorly on the SNP that this man, who was judged as inappropriate to represent the SNP as an elected member, remains a member.

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