Monday, 13 February 2012

Labour Plunge New Depths In Glasgow in Blackmail Scandal

Congratulations are in order to Gordon Matheson, who took over from Labour criminal Stephen Purcell in a scandalous resignation involving drugs, gangs and blackmail, but which seemed to elicit little interest from the mainstream media or BBC Scotland. Matheson, who has never had a proper job, professed himself "delighted" to have pushed through the Glasgow budget, with its £43.000.000 cuts, including some Freddy Krugeresque jactitations of Glasgow City Council workers' terms and conditions.

Congratulations, Gordon. Well done son.

Matheson: replaced drug addict Purcell as Labour leader

Matheson, who scraped into the City Chambers at the last Council election on the sixth count, failing to reach the quota, had looked as though he was going to lose the all important budget debate, which would have precipitated a vote of no confidence in him and his administration, after the resignation from the Labour group of several councillors in the hours leading up to the vote.

However, Labour, despite being in a minority administration in a No Overall Control council, managed to sneak the budget through by 40 votes to 38, despite a United Opposition budget supported by the SNP, Independents, some Labour councillors, the only Tory, and the Liberals. Some might say that when every other party in the Council as well as half of your own are united behind an alternative budget, it would be an act of unpardonable arrogance to push your budget through. The arrogance of Matheson and his Labour Party is another story for another day.

It was, truth be told, a surprise result - every observer had anticipated a victory for Glasgow over Labour.

The reason for the victory, a Pyrrhic one for Matheson and his party of thugs and criminals, soon became apparent. The sex-pest, stalker and councillor for Springburn, Gilbert Davidson, had threatened a female Independent councillor that her disabled son would be sacked from his apprenticeship if she voted against Labour.

Davidson - sex pest and blackmailer

It's not a surprise, in all honesty.

Labour has a record of threats and bullying, particularly against women, and particularly in Glasgow. Davidson's namesake, Pollok MP Ian Davidson, threatened to violently assault a female Nationalist MP, Dr. Eilidh Whiteford, after which Dr Whiteford felt it necessary to withdraw from a committee on the British parliament.

Davidson and Butt - Labour colleagues in Glasgow

Again in Glasgow, and again in Labour, Govan Councillor Shaukat Butt was arrested and charged with battering his wife.

Labour is the party of violence, bullying and threats against women.

The crisis at the heart of Glasgow Labour strikes at the very top of what is left of the Labour Party. Almost all of the convulsions are taking place in "leader" Johann Lamont's constituency of Pollok, which she won by a majority of only 600 in Labour's wipeout in May. If Lamont can't control her own party in her own constituency, and keep hold of her own councillors, it begs the question how she can begin to rebuild a divided, crisis-ridden party which she has dragged to the murky depths of 23% support - a level of contempt amongst the electorate for the party which even Wendy Alexander and the astoundingly poor Iain Gray didn't reach.

Wendy: bringing it on Lamont: misled Parliament

This is the result, directly, of Lamont's appalling leadership of the Labour Party. Whether it's using a fabricated rape case to mislead Parliament, threatening to introduce tuition fees for Scottish students (Lamont, of course, enjoyed an expensive University education totally free of charge at public expense), refusing to publish any details of the leadership election she claims to have won, or refusing to tell the people of Scotland whether or not she supports weapons of mass destruction being imposed on this nation, Lamont inevitably makes wrong choice after wrong choice and increases the sense among the public that Labour is a busted flush, which is almost anti-Scottish in its determination to feather its own nest.

There is another question to be answered also.

Lamont is married to deputy Council Leader, Archie Graham. Is it conceivable, really, that the deputy leader was unaware of sex-pest Gilbert Davidson's intention to threaten yet another woman?

Is it conceivable that Davidson acted alone?

Is the reason that Labour are point-blank refusing to apologise or investigate this shabby incident, almost evil in its cold, calculated malice, that it reaches to the black heart of Labour?

Lamont must reveal what she knew about the blackmail to a Glasgow City Councillor, when she knew it, and what she intends to do to make sure that the democracy of Glasgow is never again abased undermined by Labour councillors using blackmail as a political tool.

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