Saturday, 29 September 2018

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If you're wondering why you haven't seen me on Twitter in a while, an SNP Councillor has had my account suspended for saying to him "you are a man". 

Gregor Murray. This man is an SNP Councillor in Dundee.

He has a beard.

He has a willy.

He can dress up in a frock all he likes. He can "identify as they/theirs" all he likes. Good luck to him. 

But biology is biology. I have a bachelor's degree in the subject. Facts are facts. 

And Gregor Murray, the SNP Councillor for Dundee North East, is a man. 

If that's hate speech in Twitter's eyes, there is something seriously wrong with the people running it. 

And when this sad, strange, creepy, intolerant little man has passed vetting to get into elected office, there is something seriously wrong with the SNP.

Men have every right to dress up in frocks if they want, and I support their right to do so. Who knows, I may even give it a go myself one day. 

But a man in a frock is not a woman. 

Women have every right to object to men in women-only spaces - and I will support them when they do so, every step of the way. 

Lesbian women have every right to choose not to sleep with men in frocks - and I will support them when they do so, every step of the way. 

"Trans activism" is not an inclusive and cuddly ideology. Rather, it is engaged in by violent and aggressive men: and their targets are gay people and feminists. 

If you think gay rights supporters and feminist allies shouldn't be banned from Twitter because they refuse to bow to violent male bullies trying to force themselves on women, why not let Mr Murray know your feelings? His phone number and e-mail address are on his contact page, and he's also active on Facebook and Twitter.

It's been nice knowing you all on Twitter and having interacted with 4000+ followers over the last six years. But if the price of using their website is to betray my feminist and gay rights beliefs, and to become a Biology Denier, then I won't be back.

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