Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Third party; Fifth Column

Tonight's shameful display by a gang of hard-Right extremists masquerading as Labour MPs has finally clarified a situation which has been bubbling over for a while. 

It is a little-known fact that there are more Scottish Unionists representing seats outside Scotland than there are Unionists representing seats in Scotland. Liam Fox and Jim Fitzpatrick (a man whose hate-filled Islamophobia even extended to a Britain First-style disruption of a Muslim wedding in his constituency) are examples. Prime examples of hard-right, pro-war, DUP-style loyalists who would be unlikely to be elected to any seat in Scotland with its much more progressive electorate. It is not an accident that every Scottish Labour MP left at the 2015 election who voted for Labour's genocidal mania in Iraq was sacked by a disgusted electorate.

It became obvious this evening that the third party in British politics is not the National party, nor the remnants of the Liberals, nor even the mouth-breathing cretins of Ukip. The third party in British politics is now the Fifth Column: Blairite cuckoos in the socialist nest who have no loyalty to the Labour leadership, Labour values, or the Labour membership. 

These Lawrence Wainrights are strident British nationalists who have inveigled themselves into safe Labour seats in the knowledge that their natural home - the Conservative party - is unelectable in their areas. 

The Fifth Column has two types of MP. The first is the cuckoo. The likes of Tom Harris, Chukka Umunna and Liz Kendall - Tories who joined Labour as a career move. They are open about what they are.

The second type is perhaps the more contemptuous. People who believe in (watered-down) Labour values, like Hillary Benn, but who marched into the voting lobby with the cuckoos, Tories and the fascist DUP to slaughter Syrian babies in their thousands - victims viewed as acceptable collateral damage in the fight against the common enemy, Jeremy Corbyn ISIS.

There also exist bloodthirsty fascist savages whose aim is to slaughter as many Muslims as possible in as short a period of time as possible. People like Margaret Beckett, who voted for the genocide in Iraq, and enjoyed the experience so much she voted for it, almost salivating with glee at the death and destruction to come as she ranted for it in the Commons today, again in Syria. These people are callous and evil, and should be pursued - peaceably, but volubly - everywhere they go. 

They complain that people protest outside their homes and their children are scared by it, whilst they prepare to bomb Syrian homes and slaughter Syrian children. You will forgive me, dear reader, for being rather lacking in my sympathy for these creatures. 

At least Jenkins, Owens, Rodgers and Williams - the orginal Labour traitors - had the decency to leave the party when they formed the SDP. The modern traitors, those who have made a conscious decision to betray the members and do all they can to systematically undermine the Labour party and its leadership - don't have the guts to leave. Instead, they are an undeclared third party in Westminster. 

A third party, and a Fifth Column. 

It is vital the Labour party purifies itself of these individuals, and that the membership purges them. If they wish to give succour to a Tory prime minister and prevent the collapse of his government, then let them stand under a Tory mandate at the next election. 

Scottish Labour no longer exists in any tangible, meaningful sense precisely because it was viewed as a violent extension of a hated Conservative party. The only hope for the Labour party in England is if it learns, and learns quickly, from the mistakes Scottish Labour made in its headlong rush to violence, conservatism - and extinction.


  1. "These Lawrence Wainrights are strident British nationalists who have inveigled themselves into safe Labour seats in the knowledge that their natural home - the Conservative party - is unelectable in their areas. "

    I have often had the same thought, about many a "Labour" MP.

    To vote to kill other humans, is unpardonable and a crime against humanity.

  2. It was the mindless cheering and clapping from Tory and Labour benches at the thought of more mass slaughter that gars me grue.

    Am aware that there appears to be a very limited pot of prospective MPs in England for voters to choose from, but shouldn't some of them be actual human beings?