Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hours after Sewel quits, Dugdale embroiled in "lie" scandal

A matter of hours after Scottish Labour peer John Sewel was forced to resign after being photographed snorting cocaine from a prostitute's James Kellys, Scottish Labour is embroiled in scandal once more.

On the 14th of June, comedy "leadership" candidate and part-time Daily Mail columnist, Kezia Dugdal told Scots that disgraced Scottish Labour election candidate Ian Smart had been suspended from the party after a series series series of racist rants on the micro-blogging site Twitter.
  Tonight, Mr Smart's blog states that he has a vote in the Labour leadership election.

Either Dugdale or Smart is lying. 

If it is Dugdale, can someone exposed as an outright glib and shameless liar continue as an MSP?

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  1. Did she make that statement in Parliament?

    If so that is a misconduct and the Presiding Officer needs to be involved.