Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dugdale and Daily Mail hypocrisy over "traitor" slur

If you wish to determine whether a person or organisation has a legitimate complaint about an issue or is simply concern-trolling, then a good way to go about it is by examining how they dealt with it in the past. 

This week, the Scottish Labour party, aided an abetted by their useful idiots in the Scottish media, launched a witch-hunt of those who do not agree that Unionists ought to have unfettered control of the flow of information. The party, which still boasts Greville Janner, Mike Watson and Ian Smart amongst its members, compiled a sinister "dossier" on National party members guilty - in Blair McDougall's opinion - of "abuse". A criterion for inclusion on the "abusers'" list was to have at any time, in any context used the word "traitor", whether that be directed at an individual or simply in the course of a conversation about an individual. 

Such people were deemed to be one of the "infamous cybernats". The term "cybernat" was coined by former Scottish Labour MP, George Foulkes, a dipsomaniac the sum total of whose contribution to our political life was to get drunk and receive a criminal conviction for assaulting a police officer.

In 2006 Foulkes, who within a year would go on to appoint internet troll Fifi le Bon Bon, alias "Kez" Dugdale, as his Parliamentary assistant, branded anti-war MP Clare Short a "traitor". 

Last year, extremist Unionist MP George Galloway, a five-term Scottish Labour MP, former Scottish Labour councillor, former member of Scottish Labour's governing Scottish Executive Committee, and former chairman of Scottish Labour slurred MP Sadiq Kahn as "a rancid traitor". Even after this, the Unionists continued to celebrate the behatted Saddam fan, with Galloway selected by the Unionists to sit alongside Ruth Davidson on a televised debate during the course of which he revealed that he was speaking on behalf of the Scottish Labour Party. 

It's not only Scottish Labour who use the "t-word" to describe people with whom they disagree politically. Labour MP for Delyn, David Hanson, described former Scottish Labour MP and ex-Labour prime minister Ramsay MacDonald as a "traitor" in an interview with Total Politics. 

And Labour fan website Labour List - for which troll and incoming Scottish Labour leader "Kez" Dugdale has written in the past - also described the Social Democrats as "traitors" to Labour. 

The Sun is another paper which describes people they disagree with as "traitor". A couple of months ago, "Kez" wrote an article for The Sun in which she continue her incessant, relentless whining about "abuse". Clearly, irony is not "Kez"'s strong suit. 

There have been, as yet, no Stephen Daisley or Alan Roden articles screeching about "Kez"'s relationship with abuser George Foulkes.

Continuing the move away from "Kez"'s rank hypocrisy towards the media, the Hitler-supporting Daily Mail has been one of the loudest voices in the witch-hunt against the "cybernats", with Scottish political editor Alan Roden emitting particularly high-pitch squeals as he rails against the social evil of people calling other people "traitors". But Roden's paper previously published an article calling a mole in then-Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander's office a "traitor".

The Nazi-backing rag is actually a great fan of the epithet, using it to describe people as diverse as the great George Blake, princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer, American whistleblower Edward Snowden, and former Labour and Tory MP Shaun Woodward

It seems that hypocrisy is the order of the day for Scottish Labour and their media friends.


  1. I think Mrs Thatcher once called her "wets" traitors.

    It's a much used term.

  2. Och I think calling George Robertson an Uncle Tam was priceless, they should really grow a spinal column between them. I note that those people who have actually been seen in court, those who were not nationalists are not on any list. I for one if I find my name in said list will be seeing the lawyer, he needs some work,

  3. Helena
    A most apt post to top off this forensic analysis first class by Comrade Ball.

    That Baw Jaws of Islay is an "Uncle Tam" seems well evidenced by the public record (MSM soft-soaping apart); Foulkes the aspirant British National Socialist; Carmichael a wannabe contender for the title of Most Morally Infamous and perhaps legally so depending on the Court of Session's own moral and judicial spine.

    Each man jack of them culpable before the court of the Scottish citizenry's conscience, if not their own, for their active subversion of democracy.

    In any fair world, they should all be facing criminal charges and not simply, as with Carmichael, civil proceedings.

    Ms Dugdale and the whole apparatus of British Labour in Scotland, too, for their neo-Nazi "dossier" smears.

  4. Post scriptum: I trust Mr MacDougall's ample posterior as well as Mr McTernan's bonier version will shortly be placed on a bench before a sheriff for their complicity in this manufactured affair (MacDougall being the public source of it as so recorded by himself).