Saturday, 6 June 2015

A day of hate

Thankfully, the appalling weather as well as the massive negative publicity surrounding today's Festival of Hate seem to have (at the time of writing) conspired to ensure that the event passed off without any significant degree of violence or unrest. 

However, it mustn't end there.

People at Glasgow City Council took the view that a thuggish sectarian organisation which very raison d'etre is to be discriminatory and to spread hate should be accommodated as we would a legitimate organisation. 

Someone at the City Chambers decided that not only would a gang of fascist religious supremacists be allowed the use of the heart of Glasgow, but that they would be welcomed with open arms by being allowed to erect temporary stands in George Square and have marquees. 

Someone within the Council decided that Unionism was more important to them than human decency. That the smug satisfaction of the marching wing of the Labour party meant more than community cohesion. That someone not only allowed this rabble to block the city centre off to the people who live in this wonderful city, but actually gave them a Civic reception in the City Chambers!

There must be a full and comprehensive Board of Inquiry into the decision-making within Glasgow City Council relating to this event. If there was intervention from elected Members to ensure that this remarkable level of co-operation was given to the Scottish version of the Ku Klux Klan, then those members must be named publicly. 

The report from the Police Service of Scotland to the Council, which is being suppressed by the Council at this time, must be made available to the Board of Inquiry, and made available.

At the moment, the first priority is to ensure that a display like this which traduces the name of Glasgow in the eyes of the world never happens again. The second priority is to root out of the Council those who bent over backwards for fascists. And the third priority is to see any elected member who intervened to force this event upon the people of Glasgow is exposed as the bigot they are in order to face the judgement of their constituents.

I will be writing to my Councillors and MSP on this matter. If you, too, were horrified by what went on today in Glasgow, I suggest you do also.

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