Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hats off to John McTernan

John McTernan is all that's left of the Scottish Labour party after Blair McDougall left to spend more time with his adipose tissue.

McTernan is a legend of political failure. Here's his record:

1997-98 Special Adviser to the British secretary for social security, Harriet Harman
1998: Harriet Harman sacked as Secretary of State for Social Security

2000-01 Special Adviser to First Minister of Scotland, Henry McLeish
2001: Henry McLeish resigns after being caught stealing money

2005-07 Director of Political Operations for British prime minister, Tony Blair
2007: Tony Blair resigns as British prime minister with record low approval ratings

2007: Director of Scottish Labour's General Election campaign
2007: Scottish Labour loses control of Parliament for the first time ever

2007-08 Special Adviser to Des Browne, British secretary for Defence and Scotland
2008: Des Browne sacked as Secretary of State for Defence
2008: Des Browne sacked as Secretary of State for Scotland

2008-10 Special Adviser to Jim Murphy, British secretary for Scotland
2015: Jim Murphy loses his seat in the British parliament

2011-13 Communications Director for Australian prime minister Julia Gillard
2012: McTernan found to be illegal immigrant
2013: Julia Gillard sacked as Labor leader, replaced by Labor's Kevin Rudd as PM


  1. I reckon he’s a Tory 5th coloumnist.

  2. He did us all proud here in Scotland, and it didn't cost us a penny. Anybody know which unfortunate organisation he is selling himself to next?

    1. Smurfy. He is still lurking, with him.