Friday, 24 April 2015

Scottish Labour sent Ian Paisley to the Lords - now they want to bring the DUP into Government

The Democratic Unionist Party is one of the most repulsive political organisations in western Europe. Founded by sectarian bigot Ian Paisley and led by former terrorist Peter Robinson, it is linked to sectarian paramilitary groups and the fascist Orange Order. Its members are racist extremists who have perpetrated violent, Golden Dawn-style attacks on foreign nationals. It is deeply homophobic, fighting a rearguard action against equal marriage and gay adoption reminiscent of the 1950s. It opposes womens' rights. Fittingly for an antediluvian gang of thugs, it even opposes evolution.  Oh, and it wants to bring back hanging.

In what looks set to be a close election, however, the Labour Party has refused to rule out a deal with the bigots of the DUP. This is quite in keeping with their conduct in the past: when the Labour Party wished to introduce internment for Muslims in the form of the 42-day internment without trial bill, it was only the votes of the DUP which forced the measure through the Commons. The Labour Party, in return, promised to - and did - send Ian Paisley to the Lords, with a Scottish Labour prime minister personally gazzetting the sleazy, dodgy, dirty deed.

Scottish Labour's DUP friends get ready to march

A man who led a homophobic campaign called "Save Ulster From Sodomy", who founded two sectarian terror organisations (Third Force and Ulster Resistance) raised to the highest rank in the land. A man whom, during Belfast's Kristallnacht, defended it by saying:

Catholic homes caught fire because they were loaded with petrol bombs; Catholic churches were attacked and burned because they were arsenals and priests handed out sub-machine guns to parishioners.

This man and his party were courted, successfully by Labour. 

Coming into the 2015 General Election, the DUP has signaled that it is willing to revive the Labour/DUP deal from 2010. Labour is already on the dancefloor with the DUP, with several Labour MPs already beginning initial discussions with the DUP's leader in the Commons, Nigel Dodds. 

Now, Scottish Labour has formally ruled out any deal to govern with the National party, a social-democratic party well to the Left of Labour which looks set to win a clear majority of the vote and seats in Scotland. 

The DUP has ruled out serving in any coalition with the National party whilst expressing a desire to govern alongside Labour. 

Scottish Labour MP on the, ahem, right
But with Scottish Labour being explicitly clear that anything which is not formally ruled out is ruled in, what does it say for Scottish Labour that they are refusing to rule out a deal with the quasi-fascist Democratic Unionists. We already know that Scottish Labour worked hand in glove with the fascist Orange Order to provide electoral support for Labour in return for Labour turning a blind eye to the hundreds of sectarian marches perpetrated by the Orange Order each year. And we know that Scottish Labour is, in effect, the political wing of the Orange Order, with the Order threatening to become a sectarian terror organisation if the independence that they and Scottish Labour work together to oppose was to come about - a threat never condemned by Scottish Labour.

Scottish Labour clearly aren't shy about ruling out working with other political parties. Their deafening, shameful silence on working with the DUP speaks volumes. The party which put Ian Paisley into the Lords is preparing to go into coalition with a party which more closely resembles Golden Dawn or the Front Nationale than a modern European political party. 

Every vote for Scottish Labour is a vote to put the Democratic Unionist Party in power. And every socialist, National, Plaid Cymru and Green MP returned to Parliament is a counterbalance to that. 

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