Thursday, 2 April 2015

It's Holy Thursday, let's have a quiz!

A series of racist quotes. You have to guess who they came from: Labour, Ukip or the BNP.

1. "If a Jew does anything against the interests of Britain or Europe, he should be attacked."

2. "Create British jobs for British workers!"

3. "We have got to change the culture of the Roma...because there's going to be an explosion otherwise."

4. "The burqa is a visible statement of separation and difference".

5. On a leaflet during an election in which the candidate in question was white, and their main opponent was born in Asia: "*** was born and bred here and is one of us"

6. In an e-mail: "Unbelievable...Britain will become an Islamic state by 2070. Time to think about your children/grandchildren."

7. "The Jews own the television stations and newspapers and control the courts".

8. "Asylum seekers are scroungers."

9. "This is a British country with British standards of behaviour. The British should come first".

10. "All of our controls are aimed at stopping coloured [sic] immigration"


1. Former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, Oswald Mosley
2. Trick question! Labour and the BNP stand shoulder-to-shoulder on this principle and both use this slogan. 
Former Labour MP and Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and former BNP fuehrer Nick Griffin share this delightful view.
3. Former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, David Blunkett
4. Former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, Jack Straw
5. Labour council candidate Eileen McElligott
6. Labour councillor Sue Gray
7. Labour peer Nazir Ahmed 
8. Labour councillor Keith Farr
9. Former Labour MP Patrick Gordon Walker
10.  Former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, Merlyn Rees (he also introduced a "virginity test" for Asian women coming to the UK to marry their fiances).


Perhaps the delightful party of sunlight and happiness which gave us this racist mug:

Labour's entire election campaign seems to be based on i) "SNP Bad" and ii) "Helluva lot of The Foreigners around these days, isn't there?"

and this racist mug:

and which has a leader who supports the immolation of Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian and Slavic children in their homes and beds, whose family chose to move to PW Botha's South Africa to benefit financially from the crime of Apartheid, and who is a member of the Friends of Israel society, might actually be a racist party?

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  1. Wow, that's a revelation. It seems they are a bunch of racists.