Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A question which needs an answer

Tonight on STV, the leaders of the main Scottish political parties, excluding the Green Party and Socialist, but bizarrely including the neo-fascist BNP fanboy David Coburn of Ukip, which has never retained its deposit in any parliamentary election in Scotland, will debate the upcoming General Election.

Happily, it's not just restricted to party leaders: Jim Murphy has been invited to speak on behalf of the Scottish Labour party, whose leader, Ed Miliband, the MP for Doncaster North, is otherwise engaged with Tony Blair.

Under the watchful gaze of the nation, tonight would be an excellent time for Mr Murphy to make a public, cast-iron commitment that Scottish Labour MPs will not, under any circumstances, join any coalition or confidence and supply arrangement with the Conservative Party. He can formally declare that if there is any such grand coalition, Scottish Labour MPs under his, ahem, leadership, will not be taking the government whip nor be ministers in the government. 

Guide to stains: shirt - egg; hands - blood

The man who danced with jubilant glee as his bombs immolated Iraqi children in their homes, schools and hospitals, can take this opportunity to distance himself from the Scottish Labour activists who have been chapping the doors of Scottish Labour voters, pleading with them to vote Conservative to keep the National party out.

And the man whose family moved to PW Botha's South Africa to gain financially from the crime against humanity that was Apartheid can formally declare that his Scottish Labour MPs will vote alongside the progressive bloc at the first opportunity to lock David Cameron out of Downing Street.

There is a sense that Scottish Labour is preparing for a coalition with the Conservatives - a coalition just like the quarter of all Scottish local authorities where Scottish Labour and the Tories are in coalition. A coalition government just like the three governments in the last century where Labour went into coalition with the Tories. 

If Jim Murphy doesn't rule out a Scottish Labour coalition with the Tories in the debate this evening, you know why.

And you'll know that every single vote in Scotland for a Labour MP will make it more likely that David Cameron can stay in Downing Street as prime minister.


  1. I don;t think we can hold Murphty accountable for his parent's move to South Africa, in fairness, but it's certainly true that most people who went there, and stayed there, were affected by the hideous regime.

    I remember a relative coming back from SA. I couldn't believe the racist crap that came from his mouth. You can;t live with that kind of thing without it having an effect.

    Totally agree with the rest of your post.

  2. Why are you using a still from a horror film on your blog?

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  5. Jum's just weird and bears no resemblance to the star of Alien.