Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Salazar, slithering

Antonio de Oliveira Salazar was a Portuguese politician. He was known for his neglect of the Assembleia da República, one example being that during his time as a deputado de Portugal he made his maiden appearance in the chamber and never returned

He was a finance minister who took the job on the basis that he had control over the budget of every government department

When the premeiro-ministro resigned, Salazar, lauded by his allies as "intellectually brilliant", took over at the head of the government, seeing no need for an election to legitimise his administration.

When the ex-king of Portugal died, Salazar, seeing an opportunity to gain the approval of his political opponents, awarded him a State funeral at the public expense

Salazar ran a corporatist regime intended to subdue any notion of class struggle in order to make economic considerations secondary in the public thought to social values. His regime was ultra-nationalist in its nature, and its failures led to economic and social collapse, leaving many Portuguese municipalities amongst the poorest in Europe.

After he was removed from power and replaced, his grasp on reality had become so tenuous  that he believed he was still prime minister and continued to "rule" Portugal from his home, dispensing "orders" to government ministers and departments. 

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