Monday, 19 August 2013

George Foulkes: the violent bigot who epitomises Labour

This evening on Newsnicht, the Labour Party in Scotland - unable to utilise its barely-recognised and cowardly leader Johann Lamont during her Summer of Silence - put George Foulkes up to tell us all once again why the people of Scotland are uniquely incapable of governing themselves. 

Tonight, the scare story was that Scotland would be banned from the Commonwealth of Nations, an organisation so notoriously choosy that it embraces the likes of Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

It was fitting that the Labour Party chose Foulkes to represent them this evening, for he is a man who utterly epitomises the violence, racism and hate that so taints the Labour Party, which has for the last generation carefully fostered sectarian and racial hatred in Scotland to divide the working class and prevent us from rising as a political force which may put at risk the established systems of Government which pays Scottish Labour parliamentarians more than £5 per year. 

Foulkes was notoriously convicted of a violent drunken assault on a policeman, which forced him to resign from John Smith's front bench.

In 2011, after a series of anti-Catholic terrorist attacks perpetrated by BetterTogether supporters, he declared that the problem of anti-Catholic pogroms would be solved if only Celtic would "go back to Ireland", echoing the language of the National Front in the 1970s, and foreshadowing the BetterTogether campaign aimed at demonising "foreigners".

I'm sure I don't need to search too far for his views on the right of Catholics to educate children in their faith. (And isn't it noteworthy that it is always "Catholic schools" that are the problem, despite their being substantially more racially diverse than nominally non-denominational establishments?)

This violent, drunken, racist buffoon was at the forefront of efforts to prevent the Catholic people of Scotland receiving our Pope Benedict XVI during his extraordinarily successful State visit in 2010. 

At no time before or since has Foulkes ever acted to try to prevent a visit by the head of any other Church or State.

Foulkes' son, Alexander, is even poorer at hiding his hate and bigotry than his drunken old sot of a father, and was convicted of sectarian anti-Catholic attacks after what police said was the longest and most sustained outburst of sectarian hate they had ever witnessed. Clearly, Foulkes the Younger isn't entirely to blame: when a child is dragged up in an atmosphere of hate and bigotry, taught to hate Catholics, taught to hate "foreigners", then it isn't entirely his fault when he grows up skewed and imbalanced. Hate is inculcated into children; bigotry a learned, not ingrained trait. One can only imagine the boy's upbringing with a violent, drunken, father filled with hate.

What was Labour's response to this rampage of racism, anti-Catholic hate and drunken violence?

They made him a Lord, on a "wage" of £300 per day. He is currently recruiting for a member of staff, to be paid the princely sum of, er, zero, meaning only the rich can conceivably apply. 

A man who hates Scotland. 
A man who hates Catholics.
A man who hates the working class.

An appropriate poster-boy for Scottish Labour currently frolicking in the gutter of politics, using hard-right language which would make Thatcher blush; and campaigning on the same side as the BNP, Ukip, the SDL and the fascist Orange Order.